Imagine a place where decades of knowledge, world class testing facilities and innovative start-up companies come together to shape the future of space.

At a location just a stone’s throw away from the largest research facility of ESA: ESTEC. With world renowned partners like Delft University of Technology, Leiden University, TNO, SRON and NLR around the corner. That place is Space Campus Noordwijk.

The national government, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Municipality of Noordwijk will invest over € 25 million in the development of Space Campus Noordwijk. ESTEC, the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC) and the Space Business Incubator Centre are partners in the project, as are many Dutch companies and institutions.

In addition to everything ESTEC and GRC can offer, the campus will house dedicated facilities for testing small satellites and space instruments, a centre for earth observation data applications and training, a virtual laboratory in support of space engineering and a state-of-the-art makerspace for prototyping and small satellite production. For meetings, campus companies can use a completely new international meeting facility for space professionals, to be built on the ESTEC site.

The best facilities and brightest people combined, Space Campus Noordwijk will become a vibrant community and a breeding ground for many innovations in space.

Near ESTEC, the technical heart of ESA

ESTEC is the largest research facility and the technical heart of ESA, with more than 2,000 highly skilled staff who can support you in your space developments. Easy access to the knowledge accumulated by ESA’s European technology programme, executed by ESTEC enabling you to take advantage of the newest developments in space technology.
Access to the completely new international meeting facility for space professionals, to be built on the ESTEC site and available for Space Campus Noordwijk companies and institutions.

New facilities

The best possible test facilities and laboratories at ESTEC and dedicated facilities, in development on the Campus, for small satellites, instruments and components.
Collaboration on new initiatives on Campus such as a virtual laboratory to support space engineering, down-stream activities combining Earth Observation and Navigation and a state-of-the-art makerspace for prototyping and small-scale production.

Part of the innovative Dutch Space Ecosystem

Partnerships with top institutes in the direct vicinity such as Delft University of Technology with Europe’s largest Aerospace Engineering faculty, Leiden University, TNO, SRON and NLR.

Located in a vibrant space tech region in the province of Zuid-Holland, near the main space actors in Noordwijk, Leiden and Delft.

Business opportunities with front-row players in new space technology and production, and with new start-up companies.

Easy access to a pool of young talent from Delft University of Technology, the ESA “Academy” with 120 graduates per year looking for a job in space technology, the Leiden Instrument Makers School delivering the best fine mechatronics technicians, and top PhD researchers from Leiden and Delft.

Supported by national & regional government

The national government of the Netherlands, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Municipality of Noordwijk will invest more than €25m in the development of Space Campus Noordwijk next to the European Space Agency’s ESTEC Technical Centre and the European Union’s Galileo Reference Centre. By financing an international meeting facility on the ESTEC premises, by supporting new initiatives to make the best expertise and test facilities available for all types of satellites and by encouraging new developments and applications in cooperation with ESTEC and the Galileo Reference Centre, a dynamic and attractive environment will be created for the space business sector.


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